To Market, to Market

To Market, to Market

Since 2011, NSF’s  Innovation Corps has sent 365 research teams out of their labs to scout potential customers, and helped launch 208 start-ups. Pig poop is not a substance most engineers typically deal with. But during a four-year period beginning in 2008, Elham “Ellie” Fini, an assistant professor of civil engineering at North Carolina A&T State University, figured out … [Read More...]

Don't Miss a Beat

Don’t Miss a Beat

NYU researchers crunch data from cameras, sensors, cellphones, and records to capture the city’s pulse in real time. NEW YORK – As befits a real estate project dubbed … [Read More...]

STEM By Design

STEM by Design

A novel cross-campus collaboration prepares engineering students to transform K-12 instruction. The University of Colorado, Boulder’s engineering and education … [Read More...]

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