October 2014

Grand Challenges

Millennial Magnet

The Grand Challenge Scholars Program reaches cruising speed, attracting the altruistic, the entrepreneurial, and the bored. Other undergraduate programs might have sent Kathryn Latham to build bridges in El Salvador and Bolivia or gotten her excited about using algae to treat wastewater and produce biofuel. But it’s likely few would have her explaining both projects on a White … [Read More...]

Atomic Energy Mais Oui

Atomic Energy? Mais Oui!

France’s future-generation reactor would recycle most of its spent fuel. Could the process revive the U.S. nuclear industry? To medieval Norsemen, the name Astrid … [Read More...]

Driven to Distraction

Driven to Distraction

From texting to tardiness to cheating, incivility and misconduct can disrupt learning. Here are some tips for controlling a class. Thomas Shepard beams out at his … [Read More...]

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